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Unqualified Eye-care Products

On May, 21st, 2017, CCTV Focus Interview mentioned in East China’s Weekly Quality Report that 173 batches of sampling eye-protection desk lamp are all unqualified. The problems are commonly overheated color temperature and poor color reproduction, unqualified illumination degree. Furthermore, the lighting in a close distance of about 30 cm will glare the eyes, and make eyes dazzling. Some of the lamps are also unqualified.

Writing habit

The symmetry of the bioluminescence will influence the writing habit of students.

新世佳彩票网站Strictly follow the standards of GB/T9473 study lamps according to the market research,

新世佳彩票网站independently develop intellectual property invention and patented products

14In 2014, Leimove organized a small specialized LED light salon and acquired the support of SHARP CREE LUMINLEDS LUMINGUS which performed detailed research to our lighting by its professional engineers. Furthermore, Leimove had our idea of inventing a qualified LED lamp and sharing the same interest with the professionals around the world in 2014. It took Leimove over 2 years to discuss and research about how to design the best and the most comfortable lighting when writing, about how to cater to the writing habits of Europeans and Asians in order to avoid the unreasonable phototaxis according to the standard of GB9473 lighting.


In the same year, Leimove established some standards according to European, German, North American, American, Asian and Japanese standards and adopted new optical technology.


Customized primary color LED color temperature

If staying in a place over 2 hours, it is the most ideal to use 1. 4000K color temperature to illuminate. It can both ensure the comfort level of work efficiency and guarantee high efficiency, energy saving, longevity and reliability by applying high-quality Japanese and Asian customized primary color LED color temperature (which is infinitely close to 9-point natural light).


Take anti-glare requirements into account without additional light blocking

Leimove has kept learning from the national standard GB/T9473-2008 of Desk Lamp, and consulting from international optics expert LEDIL and Doctor of Optics in Zhejiang University to design high-quality optics and provide accurate, efficient and even polarized light. What’s more, we also take anti-glare requirements into account without additional light blocking.


Accuracy and efficiency: Illuminate something should be illuminated instead of illuminating something not needed.


Solving visual fatigue while improving the working efficiency

According to the characteristics of biotaxis, the actual research shows that the high light intensity and low light efficiency of the table lamp are easy to increase the possibilities of long-term visual fatigue, so we especially developed the polarized optics and have obtained the national invention patent. Based on the polarized light features, we successfully made the brightest illumination on the working surface, solving the visual fatigue while improving the working efficiency, and correcting the sitting posture. At the same time, one of the advantages of the polarized light eye protection is that we specially design the lamp for a left-handed or right-handed person. What’s more, it will not bump your head and disrupt users while using the lamp.


Illumination requirements: no flickering in a comfortable way

Based on the energy star 800 Hz we updated the lamp and consulted from Pro. Xiao, an international expert in the industry of strobe in Taiwan. In addition, we updated the flashing index up to over 1200 Hz of bright visual flicker and over 3200Hz of dark visual flicker, so that the health illumination and function illumination requirements can be met.


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